Thursday, April 28, 2011

I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

best 3 things about being a pirate:

1-pirates can travel all around the world using their own's gonna be 'macho' when other people stare and see the pirate costumes when they stop at the port..or maybe they can have free meals as the respect or from the people's feeling of fear toward pirates..escaping from the guards or local authorities can give a lot of adventerous feelings and i see in the movie,they just do anything they want wrecklessly..but nobody can scold or stop them..

2-things turn to be awesome if there is a pirate likes captain jack sparrow..he looks cool and steady in front of the heroin @ girls..sometimes it is funny to dream a character brought by captainn jack sparrow..but the fact is,if that character being brought into the reality maybe women will not fall in love to the pirates..HAHAHA..maybe women adore pirates with Will Turner's character..

3-pirates have lot of knowledges about sea,ships,maps,directions,fighting eventhough they appeared like a dumbs..what do they want with all of this knowledege???haha,money3x or gold3x..the further they go,more gold and money they got..that show how powerfull they are as the king of the sea..but it was questionable for some people between the war of good pirates and bad pirates..whoever they are,as when we say the word of pirate it can be concluded that all of them are I rite?

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

haha,1st ever post fully in english..sorry for the silly mistakes or any other mistakes..get the opportunity to be at the screening of Pirates of The Carribean in 3D three days before it debuts in Malaysia exclusively brought to you by Walt Disney Studio Motion Malaysia =) thanks to nuffnang



✿❤Pn Niza❤✿ said...

my most favourite movie until now but wat can do, xkan nak bwk anak join skali plak kan.. huhu tpaksa lepaskan pluang... 3D best tu.. mesti advanture.. jgn dlepaskan..

jaya jr said...

hehe,anak-anak memang perlu diutamakan.tapi xpe,da reda sikt seminggu dua lepas cite ni kluo still boleh masuk panggung bersama pon saje je try..klo ade rezeki boleh lee

zikeryhassan said...

tarikh kuar dia, tarikh 1st paper utk aku final. huhu

Ezay Hadry said...

cepat ngak die wat doh contest nuffnang ni..hehe aku baru tengok tadi kat web nuffnang..gudluck2..

jaya jr said...

zik:haha,,selamat mengahdapi peperiksaan..

ezay:haha,saje je ni..sapok soalan bodo sket bleh aa..1st tyme aku wat mnde2 gini..kah3.lawok2